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Spa time 🙋🏻 #love #sauna #health

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@aurora_lz_fit: #mondaymotivation

One day I was walking on the beach and I was chocked by the amount of garbage in the sand and water. While everyone seemed to enjoy/not even notice being surrounded by trash, I thought to myself “fuck this” and started to pick up every single piece of shit I could find: plastic bags, beer bottles, cigarettes..
A guy walked up to me and asked “why are you doing this? Why do you care it’s a waste of time and energy. You are not getting paid for it, why bother?”
I looked at him amused and said “thats exactly because of people like you that I am doing this. Can you imagine if people did selfless things only when/because they were paid for it…?? And the difference between you and me is that I care about stuff that is not directly affecting me, while you only care about your comfort zone. As long as you are happy why care about anyone or anything else and that’s exactly why the world is the way is it. Now let me ask something, if you saw someone dying on the side of the road, would you just pass by just because he’s a stranger and you are late for dinner?”
He looked at me: “you are crazy”
I replied “crazy by not insane” and kept picking up shit people left on this place they call #paradise.
This guy didn’t seem to understand why being surrounded by trash on this originally beautiful beach annoyed me. Or why I was picking it up knowing there would be the same shit everywhere the next day.
Well, I still don’t understand how can some human beings be so self centered that all they care about is themselves and their #socialmedialife. As long as they feel good, why bother doing something for the community, for the planet..? How can we forget where we come from? Why we, HUMAN beings, are the only specie consciously destroying what make us alive.
(What that guy didn’t get to know is that, a little further down the beach, a couple of people including a child, started to give me a hand to clean, picking up trash, one by one. We ended up collecting 10 bags full of trash..)
Moral of the story, don’t be a selfish c*nt.
Stop Taking , Start giving.
Coz what goes around always ALWAYS comes around and what we reap is always what we sow.